Business Solutions

At DCCH, we understand that every organization has their own unique needs and businesses practices. We’ll work directly with you to find the most effective program for you and your organization.

Our capabilities include:

  • Direct & Customized Billing – We can arrange you’re billing in a way that’s painless and best matches your processes. We can offer flexible payment terms depending on your needs. Tell us what you need and we’ll establish on-going best practices tailored to your organization.
  • Cost Savings – We’ll show you new ways to save on your company’s lodging expenses. On average our rates are 35% less than hotels in the same area.
  • Managed Process – We’ll make your life easier. Each guest is given a dedicated point of contact that can address their needs and concerns about their accommodations so you don’t have to.
  • Corporate Rates – Ask us about setting up a fixed corporate rate for your organization. Save money and better plan your lodging expenditures.
  • Detailed Reporting – We can provide you with customized reporting on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.